May 1, 2017

Here we are for episode SEVENTY FOUR - where this time we are taking little dragon Albert out for some "puppy-walking", although he is probably better trained than either Mr Yeti or Uncle John... Along the way we also hear some poems and catch up briefly with Nick and Aly. Our next episode, number 75 - will involve a little trip to the country of Beargrrria as the guest of Charlie Grrr... Do join us, won't you? We've got quite a few interesting episodes coming up during May - and we'll also be celebrating our first anniversary during our live show on Sunday 21st May 2017. Please email me at if you have any comments - you can even send me a sound-file and I'll include it on the show. The music is by Shy Yeti and Luca. All content of this episode is Copyright Paul Chandler, 2017.  Episode 74 was recorded between the 30th January and 1st May 2017. This episode can be downloaded on iTunes, Acast, Podbean and also from Soundcloud.


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